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Is It Me??

Is it "bad luck" that people would say,
If every guy that I would like to hang around with,
Be so busy all the time?
I'm not being desperate,
I just want to talk to them.
I can't help it, I'm a woman I want to talk.
Am I merely a thing to them?
Is there something wrong with me?
Why doesn't he talk to me? Didn't he like me before?
 Am I the girl that good guys are always too busy for?

What am I worth?
Do I express romance too much?
Do I scare potential suitors off? 
Why would anyone be afraid of me?
I'm afraid of my feelings, they're too strong.
The vibe from them is so powerful, they can feel it to the fullest extent.

I must be very scary, or are they cowards?
I'm not rushing, what is going on?
My heart is sad. No guy could ever need me.
"You're lovely," "You're beautiful," I hear.
If I am, why am I so lonely? Why can't a guy talk to me?
A guy who is fun and thoughful...why are they too busy?
Is it because I was born at the wrong time? 
That I was born a month premature because I was a big baby?

I want to talk to one, but I don't want to seem needy.
Maybe it's my color,
"Don't be ridiculous!" My soul says. It seems to be true.

How am I going to go on with my life without...

worrying if a guy is interested in me or find me interesting....

and start the same path all over again.....

is it really me??

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