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I'm not sure why I feel this way about you; perhaps its because of these dreams I have about you. But I will ironically be the last to know that you love me. And sadly without you I don't feel whole and I wonder why. Can you honestly tell me we shouldn't try this together? My tears have turned the tides, can you tell? Love is a funny thing and yet one more often than not wishes for it to be over. And the funny thing is this world is another mans dream and was never for me. I am the greates thinker you may ever meet. But many could care less due to their dreamworld reality. And could I forget the country from which I get my bumpkin rootes? Just like a childish disease this greed makes my mind want to use my hands to bring love to life. And yet these days go by and still I think about all of the words you said to me when I was at my worst. Days and days seem to go by and still I think about you. Repetition, repetition, repetition without you my dear. But this is it can you hear me? Can you hear the stars come out like I do? And when you've lost everything you can lose I would've offered all of mine. The storm makes me believe that I can be almost anything if I just believe. Nothing is ever as it seems so why should I stop believing?
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