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writtenemotions's Journal

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This is a community for posting your poetry, songs, etc. You can give and receive constructive criticism and/or compliments for your work. Also if you need help with, or just want to know how everyone likes your work, post it up.

Have Fun Guys And Girls -- xox ; LaDesta

01 - You can post your poetry, songs, creative writing, etc .. you can even post your favourites as long as you follow rule #2.

02 - If you did not write the poem/song/etc that you are posting, please give credit to the person who did..even if you have to say you forgot their name. As long as you're not getting credit for that person's art.

03 - CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is fine. Do not insult, pick fights, downgrade, etc ANYONE else in this community. If you feel the need to insult someone for their work, you will be booted from this community.

04 - If anyone is bothering you or doing something rude, let me know and show me what he/she is doing, and I will consider to remove them from the community.