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So im new to this,

Im new to this but I do have a poem I want to submit. Its kinda old, I would also like some feedback. Thanks. I have no title though. Im not that great with names lol. So heres my unwritten poem by Ambar P.

Lift me from the bones scattered.
Brought up by a puppet string.
Let not there limbs feel my glowing skin.
They will snatch my light.
Ripped and crumbled,
what will be left of me?
Blood of life will trickle from these minor cuts,
piecing my story of shame together.
Control the nerves of love.
Permanently seal your promises in my heart.
Leave precious marks of reminders.
Wrapped in this wing of flowing strength.
Gripping tears encircle a face of loneliness.
Catch my whispers of cold air,
my utterances no one believes.
Can you hear me?
Every word I speak?
Fogged vision, crystalized eyes.
Heart set a blaze.
Does she only allow dreams?
Is that all she hears?
Only way to speak to her.
Words brush a gentle face.
They continue to flow.
Few penetrate.
Memories have blurred.
Nothing has been remembered.
Steps become crucial.
Next breath, next thought, another decision.

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